Ida Webster


Ida Maria Webster
Surname as Student: Webster
Education: Presbyterian Missionary and Deaconess Training Home

Where: Presbytery of Truro
Denomination: Presbyterian Church of Canada
  • 1927 - Died, complications of surgery, June 1, Charlottetown, PEI

  • 1921-1924: Deaconess, First Presbyterian Church, Truro, NS
  • 1925: Deaconess
  • 1926: United Church Deaconess, First United Church (Truro), Truro, NS

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“Miss Ida Maria Webster, born in Prince Edward Island, attended Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown for a time. She had some experience as a Public School Teacher. She had also two years’ training in Nursing. In 1919 she entered the Presbyterian Missionary and Deaconess Training Home “to fit herself for any work in the church.” She graduated from the School in the spring of 1921. Her designation to the Deaconess Order by the Presbytery of Truro followed on June 5th, and she entered upon service in the First Presbyterian Church. Truro, where she continued to serve for six years almost to the day of her death.

Her minister’s report of her service from year to year was always enthusiastic, commending the spiritual that wrought itself out in that congregation in many ministries—most important perhaps through helpful service in homes that needed the nursing, womanly, domestic touch of this singularly self-less visitor.

In poor health she resigned from First Church, Truro in March to go into hospital in Charlottetown for an operation and then to take a time for rest and recuperation. She died in hospital and entered in faith “Into the rest that remaineth.”

Women and girls rise up to call her blessed; yes, and men too, who found in her coming into their homes a living exposition of Christ. Simple and unassuming, richly has her life been crowned.”


Memorial of Miss Ida Maria Webster Prepared by United Church Training School Principal Jean MacDonald for 2nd Annual Meeting of United Church of Canada Deaconess Order, 1927.