Emma Cunningham


Emma Louise Cunningham
Surname as Student: Cunningham
Education: Toronto (Methodist) Deaconess Home and Training School

Denomination: Methodist Church in Canada
  • 1927 - Died, March 3

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“Miss Emma Louise Cunningham graduated from the Deaconess Training School in May, 1903. Her first appointment was as Travellers’ Aid at the Union Station in Toronto, where she worked until 1906 when appointed as visiting deaconess in a church in Palmerston, Ontario. In 1909 Miss Cunningham was stationed in Picton, Ont., being employed by the W.C.T.U., so that her work was not confined to any one church denomination but extended all over the city with centre at a mission where she organized Children’s classes, girls’ clubs and Mothers’ meetings. She helped all not only materially, but by giving ideals which lifted many from sin and discouragement to a life of high Christian endeavor. During the last two or three years of her work at Picton her health was failing, but her life was one of self-sacrifice and her spirit will live on in the many lives she has influenced.

On March 3rd, 1927, Miss Cunningham passed away in her own home city, Halifax, N.S., where many deeply mourn her loss, but our Deaconess Order is the richer to-day because of Miss Cunningham’s life of devotion.”

“God calls our loved ones, but we lose not wholly

What He hath given.

They live on earth in thoughts and deeds as truly

As in His heaven.”

Memorial prepared by Miss Amy Sherwood, 1927 Report of the 2nd Annual United Church of Canada Deaconess Conference