Dorothy Young


Dorothy M. Young, BA
Surname as Student: Young
Education: United Church Training School
Graduation Year: 1937
Designated: 1940
Denomination: United Church of Canada
  • 1908 - Born, November 1
  • 1974 - Died, March 3

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Dorothy M. Young served the United Church as a Deaconess from 1940 until her retirement in 1973.

From March 1962 United Church Observer

Secretary for program in the board of women is Miss Dorothy M Young, a minister’s daughter and former school teacher.  She is one of the few Canadian women who have attended two Assemblies of the World Council of Churches: Amsterdam in 1948, and New Delhi last November (1961).

Following a teaching stint in Woodstock, N.B., she took the deaconess course at the United Church Training School, then went to work in Brunswick Street Church in Halifax.  Next came a similar job in Sherbourne Church, Toronto, and finally she joined the executive staff of the Woman’s Missionary Society.  It is from there that she has moved to her present position.

Dorothy likely made many international connections and that may have contributed to her opportunity to  conclude her career as a teacher at the Deaconess Training College in Australia.  She died a year after retirement, at age 65 in 1974.

This biography was prepared by Caryn Douglas, January 2013.