Alice Walker


Alice Walker
Surname as Student: Walker
Education: Presbyterian Missionary and Deaconess Training Home

Where: Presbytery of Toronto
Denomination: Presbyterian Church of Canada
  • 1926 or 1927 - Died, June 7

  • 1923: WMS Evangelistic Worker, Pine River, MB
  • 1924: Study Leave special one year program, Presbyterian Missionary and Deaconess Training Home, Toronto, ON
  • 1925: WMS Evangelistic Worker, later reassigned to Drumheller, AB, Rosedale War Memorial Hospital, Matheson, ON

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“Miss Alice I. Walker, born in Mitchell, Ont., entered the service of the Church under the W.M.S. following two years of study in the Toronto Bible College. She was Evangelistic worker at Pine River, Man., working in a Non-Saxon district. Our Home Missionaries have been spoken of as men and women who are “lighting fires in cold rooms.” That is what her work often was, tending the smouldering good and helping to re-awaken or inspire the warmth and glow of life through spiritual ministries.

Miss Walker desired admission to the Deaconess Order and following one session at the [Presbyterian] Missionary and Deaconess Training Home, she was designated to the Order by the Presbytery of Toronto on graduation II in 1925. She was under appointment to work at Matheson, Ont., but was immediately transferred to Drumheller, Sask.

After two years service there she died of Scarlet Fever on June 7th last [1927]. Miss Walker had a devotion to home, and all the gracious friendliness that gift is capable of producing when it is allowed to become widely inclusive instead of narrowly exclusive. Her pleasing humor and ready wit left a smile when she passed. Hers was an experience and a conviction and devotion that led her out to her never easy fields of service for her Master.”

Memorial of Miss Alice Walker, Prepared by United Church Training School Principal Jean MacDonald for 2nd Annual Meeting of United Church of Canada Deaconess Order, 1927.